get the flexibility you need.

Planes containers are all about you. You pick the delivery date, you decide how long you need it, and you determine when it needs picked up or moved to another location. If you don’t want to do all of the work yourself, we can pack it for you. The benefits of moving with a full-service container include a cost-effective option for small moves, labor from moving experts, valuation protection included, specific day load/delivery, fast and reliable transit, cloth pads included, low storage rates, exclusive use, and service during peak periods.

Ask about our day-specific delivery guarantee.

Prices starting at $280

DIY moving

We will drop the container and you can pack it on your own time, then we will move it to your new home when you’re ready.

full service moving

We can bring a container and have our experienced team load everything for you, maximizing the space and freeing up your time.

portable storage

Cleaning out the basement or doing a renovation? We can drop off a container that can stay at your home for however long you need. We can also store it at one of our warehouses for an additional charge if you need it out of the way.

*We cannot be held responsible for damage on items in boxes that we didn’t pack.

things to know

container details

Containers sit level to the ground so there are no ramps to worry about when loading. Our sturdy, waterproof portable containers are designed with moving in mind. They have space for the contents of a 1,500-sq.-ft.-home. Containers have built-in tie-down rings, smooth interior walls, and waterproof protection.

make enough room

You will need about 40 linear feet to be able to place a container. We cannot place a container on a steep grade. Our delivery unit system only allows for straight line dropping - we cannot safely navigate tight turns.

when to expect us

You will get to pick your delivery date, but our arrival time may fluctuate based on the deliveries and pickups for the day. Our driver will call in advance of the container being dropped off.


Containers are typically 16ft. x 8ft.

use the right materials

If you are self-loading, our driver will give you a tutorial on best practices. When loading the container, only use ratchet straps - rope will not be secure.