Pack Like a Pro.
Tips from Team Planes.


Ziploc Bags

"If you have special or expensive personal items such as shampoos, make up, etc. and are afraid of them leaking out during transit, you can place into Ziploc freezer bags to add an extra barrier."

- Kindra Montgomery, Planes Relocation Coordinator



"If there are any personal items you want to move yourself, make sure you have them separated prior to the crews’ arrival. Use post-it notes, or put items in a separate location so they don’t get packed."

– Maria Coleman, Relocation Entitlement Counselor


Can't Replace it?

"Take anything of sentimental value with you. The general rule of thumb is, "If you can’t replace it, neither could we as a moving company."

– Maria Coleman, Relocation Entitlement Counselor



"Before the packers come out, set aside items to take with you that you know you’ll need right away (toiletries, clothes, personal effects). The packers are fast and efficient and if these items aren’t set aside prior to the move, they will be packed."

– Michelle Howell, Relocation Coordinator

Keep your move on time, on budget, and running smoothly by following our team's tips.


Summers are Busy

"Plan ahead. Moving companies get very busy during the summer months and it can be difficult to secure your preferred dates if you wait until the last minute. Getting everything set up ahead of time can eliminate a lot of stress!"

– Meghan Burch, Relocation Coordinator Support


Understand Coverage

"Ask about valuation coverage. Make sure you understand what kind of coverage you have for your move just in case something gets damaged during transit."

– Greg Carney, Director of Sales


Weather Concerns

"If weather or other issues arise that the crew may need to know about, please contact your coordinator so he/she can make sure the crew is aware and prepared."

– Rob Estep, Branch Manager


Wrap Items

"Use plenty of paper when packing yourself to wrap items and fill up air space in cartons. Newspaper works if you don’t have packing paper but be mindful about the items you pack as the ink can rub off and leave smudges. The biggest reason for damage, including crushed cartons, is not using enough paper."

– Art Browne, Van Operator


Clear a Path

"Before the crew arrives, make sure walkways are clear and driveways are plowed in inclement weather."

– Art Browne, Van Operator


Plan Ahead!

"Plan ahead! Planning can eliminate a great deal of extra expense and stress!"

– Jeff Lobaugh, Director of Sales